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Developed and designed by veteran gamers, to ensure all competitive games are based on skill, not cheats.


Global Banlist

Our users will have access to a global banlist composed of all Akros players using our software. So if a player gets banned in another community they will be flagged before joining yours. You will be able to control if you allow them to play or not.

Easy To Use

We can customize how bans work. You will
ultimately have control if bans are instant or if you want to review evidence before assinging bans. We can add hardware ID bans along with other custom solutions to suit your needs.

Advanced Support / Updates

Prevention is a full time job, so we relentlessy hunt down new cheats as they surface and auto update our protection along with game updates. We thrive on full time support with an average of 1-3hr support ticket response times should an issue occur.


Community Edition

For gaming communities that are planning to host a small event and want to ensure a guaranteed level playing field for all players. 


League Edition

Your company is growing and so are the odds of cheaters joining. This is the best solution to offer your players a secure and cheat-free enviroment.

5000+                             Users

Enterprise Edition

You've been devloping the next big game title or league anticipating 10's of thousands of users. We can customize Akros to suit your needs.


Akros Anti-cheat is a hybrid anti-cheat that uses heuristic and signature based detection schemes to identify both known and unknown cheats by scanning for anomalous objects in memory and on the file system. Akros currently supports VAC protected Steam games and all Blizzard title games.

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